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Virtual Services


For all grades, elementary and high school
Private session with a tutor to work on specific academic needs
All subjects: French, Math, Chemistry, History, etc
Choice of duration: 30 min / 45 min / 60 min / 90 min

Watch how it's done!

One of our dear students shows us how his online tutoring sessions work.

Bravo for his initiative in putting this video together 🙂


For students aged 5 to 12 years
Fun, interactive games to practice oral skills in French
Group sessions divided by age (max. 5 per group)
30 min (twice per week)


A positive alternative education to develop children's potential!

For all elementary grades
2 to 3.5 hours of online learning of new curriculum (per week)
During sessions, subjects are taught by your teacher
All subjects (French, Math, Science, History, etc)
Weekly work plan for your child
Assigned work or projects (to be completed outside of meeting hours)
Follow-up with parents
Correction of assigned works
Assessment of their learning progress